Best Emulator for PUBG Mobile game LD Player and Gameloop


LD Player is Android emulator which work on personal computer (PC) or laptop and you can run APK file format in your pc easily. LD Player is basically a smart phone in Android version at your pc. It is use for more important works but basically peoples use it for mobile gaming playing inside pc or laptop.

:a32:VN-HAX BETA 0.18.0:a32:

PUBG Mobile is most famous game it is also run in PC due to emulator. LD Player is most best emulator for PUBG Mobile & Call of Duty because they can play your game very smoothly. Another best emulator is gameloop for online and offline games of mobile inside your pc.

:a32: VN-HAX OLD UI ESP 0.18.0 :a32:

We will be taking LD player and tencent gaming buddy to see which emulator runs PUBG mobile the best as you can see on my screen at the moment. I have do settings for each emulator on the left hand side we have LD player and on the right hand side.

We have tencent gaming buddy I have made all the settings the same all got as close as I can on the left hand side on LD player we have 1920 by 1080.

Running dpi at 280 on the right hand side we tencent gaming buddy. We are running at 1920 by 1080 but we have only got the DPI on 240. As you can see both emulators are running the same amount of cores on the CPU. Running the same amount of RAM but I do want to add on that with LD player we can actually select up to 8 gig of memory which is fantastic.

You can see we are running the resolution at 2k and we have HDR enabled and down the bottom here we have two K selected as well and that is the same on tensing gaming buddy.

We are running at UK with HD enabled tencent gaming buddy is using direct x4 it’s rendering option as for LD player it is only using Open-GL right if I now close down the settings on both emulators.

Now just go on to the game settings you will see that I do have both settings. The same in game there we go that is LD player settings.

There’s tencent gaming buddy right. we have HDR selected on both their both sets are ultra. We have realistic selected on both emulators.

It is now time to see which emulator runs PUBG mobile. The best please comment below saying which emulator you reckon is going to win.

Before we get the results up and here we go overall. I did find LD player done extremely. Well it was a lot more smooth bin Tencent gaming buddy. I did have a problem with my mouse stopped responding.

I don’t know if you noticed in the video. A few times it did stop responding. I had to click out of the mouse lock and then look back in again.

which is really bad if you are in the middle of a battle. Someone is shooting at you and you’re shooting back that is the last thing you want also with LD player.

We were running on Open-GL. As some of you may know Open-GL does run better on PUBG mobile then Direct X.

So unfortunately LD played it extremely well but I’m going to have to say Tencent gaming buddy. It is the winner again in this video so if you did comment Tencent gaming buddy.



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