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About AnyDesk:

AnyDesk is basically remote controle software which share one user computer screen to another use computer screen which make problems only solve easily & fast.

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I can put some information out there the product is called any desk and so today’s show is gonna be just a quick you want to call it a review or just a sort of a rundown. Explanation of what this program is and what it does it is a program that I think would be useful to most people actually.

Where AnyDesk Work:

So any desk is a software download so this is a program that you download and install on your computer. it is I know available for Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems and what it does is it allows remote access of one computer from another computer. I said you know well this program obviously would be very useful like tis an IT professional who needs to perhaps either update remote computers or assist.

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How AnyDesk Work:

Remote users who may be having problems you know you could even use this to show somebody how to use a program or you know anything like that because you’re basically you can sort of take control of their computer and use it just like you were sitting at it yourself so it could also be used for presentations.

Security of AnyDesk:

AnyDesk softwaer is use for webinars. It could be used useful to most anyone the the idea that I had that you could use this if you’re at home to access your work computer. anyone  know with permission from your boss I’m not encouraging you to do anything under the under the radar here but it would you know allow you if it’s installed on both computers.

Computer to Computer Sharing:

You can remotely access your work computer and then it would be just like you’re sitting at your work computer you’d be able to access anything that you would be able to access if you were sitting there another use.

I thought of is if you’re on vacation and bring your laptop with you you could access your work computer or your home computer. The same way so I just thought this would be a very useful program and perhaps. This is why there seems to be so much interest in this program online so how it works is first of all obviously as I said you download it and install it on your computer and it would have to be of course.

AnyDesk Remote Computer:

Downloaded and installed on the remote computer as well in other words the computer that you want to connect to both those computers have to have the software installed and then to connect to another computer.

You need to know their um their code you know and I’m trying to remember the word the terms that they used to explain this in the program. I think they call it either an alias or a code which are slightly different things but basically it’s the it’s what identifies your computer.

How to Connect:

So it’s either gonna be a number like a almost like a telephone number or it might be a name and so you have to know the code for the computer that you want to connect to so if someone like you know if you’re wanting to connect to my computer. I would have to somehow communicate to you you know on the phone or text message or email or whatever and I’d have to let you know what my code is then using the any desk program.

Access & permission of AnyDesk:

You could put that code in and and ask to connect to my computer I do have to give you permission to do that because so when you send that connection request that comes up to me and it says you know so-and-so Frank Johnson. Whoever wants to connect with your computer.

It allows me to accept that or reject that and it also allows me to set permissions as far as what I’m gonna allow the person who’s connecting my computer to do so at the very least they’re gonna be able to see my desktop my computer desktop just like they were sitting in front of the computer but the the the permissions that I can either grant or not grant.

Voice Controle:

I can allow them to hear sound so in other words they be able to hear the same sound that I would hear if I was sitting you know the same sound coming over my computer speakers will be coming over there computer speakers.

I can allow them to take control which means that they can actually use their cursor to you know click on things on my screen and no but you know again just like I they were sitting at the computer they’re able to control it.  If I don’t give them that access they can look but they wouldn’t actually be able to open icons or you know do anything like that a neat feature though they still can point with their cursor.

You would still see their cursor moving around the screen and it actually has their name by it so you can tell that it’s not your cursor and and you they can even click and it’ll it’ll make a little like shows that they’re clicking. It doesn’t actually do anything but so that you know if you were trying to like show.

Transfer of Files in AnyDesk:

Somebody how to do something you could definitely do that and wouldn’t necessarily need to have that full control to do that if you had full control you could just walk right through it and show them exactly how it was you also another one of the permissions is allowing them to use the clipboard and the clipboard.

Download AnyDesk Here



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