How to prevent from corona virus and what should I do if I have symptoms of corona virus?


Corona-virus spread fear all over the word. corona’s virus is basically spread from china to other countries also. So the 2nd most impacted country after china is Iran. corona virus killed 26 peoples in Iran.

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The voice president & voice health minister of Iran is also infected by corona’s virus. Saudi Arabia stop entry to Saudi currently for Um-rah. Every where is fear & there is 2 cases also in Pakistan of corona virus. Most of the peoples are upset & down in fear due to corona virus.

Most of the peoples create their own treatments & says that “If a person impacted by corona virus they never save their life & they will be die” so this is not real don’t worry there are 2% of peoples die out of 100% due to corona virus.

Mostly of old & already other fever impacted peoples which are also weak in health are die but healthy & young’s are mostly recover their health but this is also truth that this viroses has no proper treatment. how to prevent from this virus and what should I do if I have symptoms of this illness

There are some reasons of infection of corona virus which are

  • If a person are very old this will attack easily.
  • Let suppose a person are already infected in other illness corna virus will attack easily.
  • A person smoke cigarette they can infected by coronas virus easily.

How to prevent from corona virus?

  • how to prevent from corona and what should I do if I have symptoms of this disease
  • Important step is that wash your hand with soap every hour.
  • Use Mask for your nose.
  • Don’t touch your face, mouth, & eyes with dirty hands. prevent your eyes also mostly from air.
  • Don,t touch infected person of virus & take a distance of 2 meter from them.
  • Don’t use Glasses, Cups Plates or other things which are related to eating in Markets & hotels.
  • Mostly use Disposable things for eating & drinking.
  • Stop smoking cigarettes because they can infect your throat, your chest & cough or flu.
  • Mostly use tissue paper for flue or cough & thrown in comfortable place.
  • Stop goining in most crowdly places like Park, Market etc.

corona virus prevention & Rules of Islam are mostly matching.

  • Allah is Chief of All the universe & kind for all humans.
  • Every Muslim are pray five time a day with Wudu to clean his body.
  • Islam give us order of curtains & commends us about to clean up.

Moral of this kinds of Diereses.

For other religion we don’t pass any comments but we are Muslims & this is our claim that if every Muslim follow Islam with deep of hearts so Islam is heal of every disease.



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