Download Ludo Star game – Why play store remove Ludo Star


What is Ludo Star :

Ludo star is basically a game which is playing between 2, 3 and 4 friends. This is very interesting game which you can play in mobile phones, PC and also you can play in real life with friends. The game include maximum four players which are red, blue, green and yellow.
You can play randomly with 2 or 4 players also and this game have different varieties Quick match, classic match and master match. This is online internet game you can play with your friends through over the world.

How we can play :

Ludo star game is playing between four friends mostly. There will be do match between four friends they will be use dice in ludo star and every team will be try do reached king space first. Every team will be try to eat his against team ports. If your team one player reached to king they will help also to his friend to fast move him.

News Updates About Ludo star :

  • hey update always in ludo star.
  • Win game and get special rewards.
  • Win games and collect dice beautiful spaces.
  • You can send gifts to friends while in game.
  • They have high security of access.
  • If you can watch ads you will got rewards box.
  • You can search your friends in friends list by name.
  • You can manually add your friends by id.
  • Your Facebook friends will be added automatically.
  • This game have fix all bugs and error fixes.

To Download Ludo Star Click below

Why play store remove ludo star?

Ludo star game is design and make by Game-berry company which is most popular gaming house. If you can visit to iphone store and Play store and search game-berry you can’t see there ludo star. Some of the peoples spread that Ludo star collect your phone data. This game is made by India and collect sensitive information therefore play store remove it. So therefore play store remove it but this is not reality. The main reason first time ludo star was very bit amount of bugs and errors which someone cheat easily in ludo star. Ludo star security was not strong therefore Ludo star was not straight in Google play store terms and conditions and at last remove game from store.


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