NINJA 6.0 Antiban VIP for PUBG Mobile Emulator


Bugs Ninja 6.0 is best for pubg mobile emulator VIP tools. Ninja is one of the best software.

  1. Update Super Anti-ban – Fix Ban & data Connection Error  Issue.
  2. Fix ESP

:2891_RedAlert: OPTIMUS 6.3 LD PLAYER :2891_RedAlert:

  1. Uninstall with uninstaller.
  2. Delete tencent leftover from program data.
  3. Delete tencent leftover from app data.
  4. Now delete txGamedownlaod Temp Folder.
  5. scan PC with Malewarebytes/zemana antivirus and delete all virus.
  6. Clean temp and cache.
  7. Install all drivers.
  8. Fix dll error once with account cleaner.
  9. Reset mac and IP – restart PC.
  10. Turn off firewall and antivirus.
  11. Install latest Game loop in C/drive.
  12. Set engine as Direct X+, priorities GPU, dpi 240.
  13. Close Game loop using Game loop kill and open again and play one match and exit.
  14. Add Ninja Anti-ban to DEP.
  15. Run Ninja Anti-ban as Admin and click start game.
  16. Wait till lobby ( when lobby check box must auto success).
  17. Go training mood and open Ninja VIP as admin.
  1. Must play 5/6 match First with Demo account if all okay then go with main account.
  2. Please Use Silver+ Account.
  3. Don’t kill BOT , Full Squad alone or Last ENEMY with Magic.
  4. For avoid Magic Failure Please Keep turn Off Magic Until you Get a Gun.
  5. After Get a gun do Some random fire and turn on Magic.
  6. While you Change The Gun please Turn of and wait some sec, then turn on Magic Again.
  7. Use Safe Magic Body/Head Most of Time, Magic Power when too many enemy (better avoid this).
  8. Please Exit Anti-ban and Game, clean Temp after Each 3/4 Match.
  9. Don’t play too Brutally, Play as a Pro Player.
  10. Keep Avg Kill 8-12 per match.
  11. Avoid using Ban features, Use Magic + ESP for More safety.

:8299_Loading:KEVIN ANTI-BAN BYPASS NEW UPDATE:8299_Loading:



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