About PUBG Mobie :

PUBG Mobile is online shooting game. PUBG game was launched in December, 2018. This is the most famous game in the world now a days. This is the first game which is streamed in you tube mostly. PUBG game online daily users in the world is approximately 100 Million. PUBG games provide also a big tournament yearly like PMCO.

PC requirements for PUBG :

  • Disk required for PUBG game is 10 GB.
  • Ram required is 4 GB.
  • Processes required is 2.6 GHZ.
  • Your PC will be core-i3 or above.
  • Need minimum graphics card 2 GB.
  • Fast internet speed is required.
  • Using of headphones will make more flexible this game.

What is Optimus bypass :

Optimus bypass is basically an 3rd party app which is use inside LD player emulator and hoide emulator detection and you will be face only players who can using emulator message. Bypass give help to players to improve their game score more playing with mobile players. This is basically violation in terms and condition of PUBG Mobile.

How to run Otimus bypass :

  • Download optimus bypass below download button.
  • Run as administrator optimus.
  • Click on Get key and download free key and login.
  • Now select your game version like Global, Korean etc.
  • After that click emulator starting button.
  • Now click run bypass button.
  • Click install Color if you want to see enemies in color.
  • When you are in lobby click “lobby button“.
  • When you win or die click “tick in game” button at the button of optimus tools.
  • Click kill emulator button and press safe exit button you will be safe.

:a10~1:OPTIMUS BYPASS 2.8:a10~1:


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