PUBG Mobile Lite is the smooth and comfortable game for approximately all mobiles which have low RAM and processor.  PUBG battle ground is using by millions of peoples every day.

They don’t depend on high performance phone because it is totally matching to Original version but developers can reduce some of the features in light version for running with no lagging in less performance phone.

Most of the peoples want to play PUBG Mobile game but PUBG Mobile Lite also famous in little time.

PUBG Mob lite map :

There are four mapes which is more famous in PUBG Mobile which are

These All Mapes are available also in Player unknowns battle ground but most of the features which is not mostly needed in PUBG game are remove from Player unknowns battle ground. Erangle map of PUBG original is same to Game

Miramar map which is mostly play by shroud English gamer and most of british peoples are play Miramar map is alo same.

Sanhok which is most beautiful looking in greenish is also same in PUBG Mobile and PUBG Mobile Lite.

Vikandi is winter mode map looking very nice with snow falling also same as global PUBG Mobile.

Total players in PUBG classic Match:

PUBG Mobile Lite and PUBG Mobile both have 100 players at classic match which are playing against beach other in form of Due,Solo and Squad.

Guns in PUBG Mobile :

PUBG Mobile and PUBG Mobile Lite both have same guns and same gun skins. All guns damage, recoils and shapes are same.


PUBG Mobile outfits:

The outfits of PUBG lite and Original full version are also same but difference is that “PUBG full version have more outfits and lite have low amount of outfits”.

Royal Pass of Lite:

Both Games have the same price of royal pass because both games have same season but different versions.

If a person login from pubg lite can run same account in pubg original. Lite is more good for low performance devices.



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