PUBG MOBILE Session 1 to Session 12 released date History

PUBG MOBILE Session 11 | Gamer Tips | Bilal Hashim

PUBG MOBILE Session 1(one) is Evolution of PUBG Mobile with time. Sticking true to the battle royale concept, the earliest version of the game was quite simple in every sense. PUBG mean Players Unknown Battle Ground.

Fight royale game PUBG Mobile is the immediate consequence of the accomplishment of its PC form PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. Both gamers and engineers of the game at Tencent Games have been on a voyage since the start. The game has built up much over the previous year and is very unique at this point. Despite the fact that it hasn’t been too long individuals can generally think back. The game has numerous updates, some of which were noteworthy ones. These were significant both regarding structure and the ideas of the storyline.

rom Royale Pass are perpetual aside from the consumable ones. For instance, room card.

Q: Will the RP focuses reset when it terminates?

A: YES. If it’s not too much trouble utilize the RP focuses to reclaim the prizes in the recover page.

Q: Do I have to re-buy the new Royale Pass when the new season starts?

A: Yes. New season carries the new Royale Pass with fresh out of the plastic new things. Try not to pass up a great opportunity!

Q: I haven’t come to lv.70 for my Royale Pass, do despite everything I have opportunity to get the Bunny Mask?

A: Yes despite everything you have time. As of late we offer a rebate on the RP point card. Go through it to level your Royale Pass.


Gamer Tips | Bilal Hashim | PUBG MOBILE session 11

UPDATE ONE: It has now been affirmed that PUBG Mobile season 3 has started on Android and iOS gadgets.

Season 3 will end on November 18 and incorporates the Royale Pass, which can be purchased for 600 UC for the Elite and 1800 for Elite Plus.

Unique: Fans have been anxiously anticipating the beginning of PUBG Mobile Season 3, which watches set to reveal this week.

August 22 has been flowed as the inevitable dispatch day, despite the fact that it could be later, contingent upon time zones.

From what we know at the present time, it shows up Tuesday will be the official beginning date of season 3 for players in the UK.

Today likewise observed another PUBG Mobile update go live, tipping the scales at under 300MB.

PUBG MOBILE SESSION 4 released date:

Gamer Tips | Bilal Hashim | PUBG MOBILE session 11

November 20 PUBG Mobile Season 4 discharge date affirmed; New highlights, weapons and then some. PUBG Mobile Season 4 is propelling tomorrow, for example on November 20, as affirmed by PUBG Corp.

PUBG is right now one of the most mainstream, if not the most prevalent, games on portable and on the off chance that you have been playing the game, you would realize that the season 3 reached a conclusion as of late. In spite of the fact that the game’s legitimate Twitter handle prior prodded that PUBG season 4 is practically around the bend, there was no particular date for the dispatch till now. Be that as it may, the hold up is at long last over as the season 4 for the fight royale game is propelling today.

PUBG MOBILE SESSION 5 released date:

Gamer Tips | Bilal Hashim | PUBG MOBILE session 11

PUBG MOBILE Season 5 apparently has a discharge date set for January 2019, with the most recent Tencent update spills proposing a pile of new substance is being prepared.

UPDATE TWO: Tencent has now affirmed the discharge timetable of PUBG Mobile update 0.10.5 and the new Season 5 substance on Android and iOS.

Devs are as of now revealing the new PUBG update, with the procedure completing at around 4pm, GMT, on January 18.

This will be trailed by the arrival of Season 5, which is planned to dispatch on Saturday, January 19, at around 2am, GMT.

PUBG MOBILE SESSION 6 released date:

Gamer Tips | Bilal Hashim | PUBG MOBILE session 11

NEW PUBG Mobile update has been declared by Tencent as coming very soon, alongside the beginning date of Season 6.First, a PUBG Mobile update should be discharged before any of this new stuff shows up, including the Season 6 Royale Pass.

For so ought to likewise be noticed that Tencent has consolidated the main commemoration festivity of PUBG Mobile with the dispatch of the present update.

From what has been shared so distant from the improvement group, the new PUBG Mobile update will go live today, March 20.

PUBG MOBILE SESSION 7 released date:

Gamer Tips | Bilal Hashim | PUBG MOBILE session 11

May 17 Release of PUBG Mobile Season 7

This Despite the fact that there is no official discharge date for the forthcoming PUBG Mobile Season 7, it is relied upon to begin from May 17 or May 18, contingent upon your nation.

Season 6 of PUBG Mobile is finishing on May 15, so May eighteenth has a high opportunity to bring the update.

PUBG MOBILE SESSION 8 released date:

Gamer Tips | Bilal Hashim | PUBG MOBILE session 11

17 July PUBG Mobile Season 8 Release Date

The momentum season that is Season 7 will formally end on July 14 and the PUBG Mobile Season 8 Update will be discharged before long, that is between 15 to 17 July. The game adaptation will be refreshed from 0.13.

PUBG MOBILE SESSION 9 released date:

Gamer Tips | Bilal Hashim | PUBG MOBILE session 11

September 13 Popular fight royale game PUBG Mobile will commence season 9 on September 13. The authority PUBG Mobile Twitter account has affirmed the turn out date for the forthcoming season. This implies you basically have only a couple of days to rank up and get all the illustrious pass prizes from season 8.

PUBG MOBILE SESSION 10 released date:

Gamer Tips | Bilal Hashim | PUBG MOBILE session 11

November 9 PUBG Mobile Season 10 gets an official discharge date of November 9. PUBG Mobile affirmed the dispatch date in the midst of various breaks of the most recent season. This game Royale Pass Season 10 will turn out on November 10 and it will bring another subject, new things and new missions.

PUBG MOBILE SESSION 11 released date:

Gamer Tips | Bilal Hashim | PUBG MOBILE session 11

PUBG MOBILE session 11 is comming soon. January first 10 days PUBG will release session 11.

This Mobile’s game Season 11 update is headed and will highlight new vehicle skins, weapon completes, parachutes, rewards, acts out and the sky is the limit from there.

There is even an Ace Parachute with “S11” imprinted on top, alluding to Season 11.

The Golden Pan has just common a portion of the new acts out that will be accessible to Royale Pass endorsers, yet there is quite a lot more accompanying the Season 11 update.

Understand MORE: How to empower 60 FPS for HD/HDR illustrations on PUBG Mobile.

PUBG MOBILE SESSION 12 released date:

Gamer Tips | Bilal Hashim | PUBG MOBILE session 11

PUBG MOBILE session 12 is also comming soon. In march 2020 first 15 days PUBG will release session 12 with high HD graphics with more heavey guns and new maps. It will be the first most usable and enjoyful game in the World.


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