Sinki VIP Magic Bullet tool for PUBG Mobile Emulator SmartGaGa


About Sinki :

Sinki is the most oldest and powerful tools for PUBG Mobile Emulator. It is the most safe and cheap tool of all time. Sinki was working with Tencent Gaming Buddy. After TGB they convert to GameLoop. Now a days Sinki is very safe at SmartGaGa.



Follow the steps below for Gameloop:

  1. Download PC Cleaner (Click Here to Download)
  2. To run Sinki tools first you uninstall your gameloop and SmartgaGaGa emulator clear PC temp files
  3. Install fresh SmartGaGa Emulator and PUBG Game inside SmartGaGa.
  4. Don’t install gameloop during gaming on SmartGaGa otherwise you will be ban for 10 Mins.
  5. Install Full Drive link (Click Here to Download).
  6. Disable your Virus and thread protection.
  7. Now Run SmartGaGa and open PUBG Game.
  8. You can use your real account during using Sinki official tools.

Follow Steps below for PUBG tool :

1. Add Sinki latest version in Data Execution Prevention (DEP).
2. Extract Sinki latest version and run as administrator.
4. Copy your premium key with you buy and past in the key area.

Information About Sinki VIP tools :

  1. F1. Aim Heat mean that when you aim on enemy your aim will be directly on enemy head.
  2. F2. Magic Bullet mean when your fire on the target but your aim is not exectly on the target but your bullet will be automatically directed to the target.
  3. F3. Auto Aim is also like F! button option.
  4. F4. Fast Landing mean when you jump from aeroplane and move towords land your landing will be fast.
  5. F5. Car Speed is the faster speed more than other peoples car speed.
  6. F6. Box ESP mean that all enemies who are killed his boxes will be show in this option inside the game.
  7. F7. Bones ESP is the enemy bones show.
  8. F8. Material ESP is all the material inside the game like Guns, Bags, Helmets etc.
  9. F9. Vehicles ESP mean they will show all vehicles to you easily.
  10. F10. Instant Hit mean that your hit will be direct on enemies head inside the game.
  11. Run Fast is the best option which your person will be very fst running but it is not safe you can open it with the middle of the mouse.
  12. Tracking Car is the option where you blast car inside the game within 1 magazine of bullets.

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